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Distracted Driving & GPS: Syracuse Car Accident Lawyer Notes

Distracted Driving Syracuse Car Accident Lawyers

GPS Systems and Distracted Driving Accidents We have all heard the horrors of distracted driving and the horrendous accidents and toll on human life that car accidents caused by distracted driving have caused. New York State, like most other states in the USA has passed laws that make it illegal to use a cell phone while driving a car: either for phone calls or texting. If your eyes are on a three-inch screen in your hand,...

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Child Safety Seat Placement: Can It Help in a Serious Accident?

Child Safety Seat Placement You want to protect your child the best you can if there is an accident so you get the safest car and the safest child seat. Is there anything a Syracuse personal injury lawyer could advise you about that could help better the odds of your child surviving a serious auto accident? Everyone knows that you should not place a child safety seat in the front seat, but not many parents give much...

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